Cloud Infrastructure

These projects range from simple spin ups to building various architectures designed to allow high availability, scalability and self-healing on AWS platform. These labs required a vast level of configuration.   

Simple Windows Project

Publish a website on Microsost IIS Server. Upscale and downscale storage, network and cpu resources.

WordPress deployed on LAMP Stack

Deploy a WordPress Site on AWS using LAMP Stack.

Multi-tier Infrastructure

Multi-tier Infrastructure Design and pricing.

E-Commerce Platform

Deploying an Ecommerce Platform on a highly available architecture.

S3 Hosting

Hosting a Static website on Amazon S3 Bucket.

S3 Syncing

Syncing EC2 with S3 Bucket.

Storage Gateway

Setting up access to AWS Storage from on Premises.

Directory Service

Onboarding new employee with Directory Service supplying, Single Sign On, Email ID, WorkMail, and WorkSpace


Setting up Network Access Storage.

Amazon Connect

Building a Contact Center with Connect and Amazon Lex

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