“NAS Network Access Storage”


share files through centralsied point

security group

I have demonstrated if we are in AWS envrionment we can use role to connect. If on prem we can use storage gateway and bring data to AWS S3. This time I will Build a NAS – network attached storage. Having to system able to read eachothers data through a Centralised storage. First thing is to create a security Group that will open the ssh and nfs port. 

efs service

Next is to create an EFS service with 2 availability zones. 


2 servers

I then build 2 servers one in each availability zone. Nas server 1 and Nas sever 2.


Under File system access you see the DNS name. I will need this DNS to mount the local drives to the Centralised system. 


Andrew michaels

From the mount directory I write a command that will connect the DNS name to the current directory. 

Robert Jeffries

In order to test the 2 servers can share files via the centralised system, I shall write a file from server And move to the other server to see if I can access. 

Jillian Scott

I am now on server and I can cat the same file I wrote on the other. 

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