“Hosting s Static Website using s3 Bucket”

s3 Bucket



I created a new s3 bucket on AWS named wanderema-fan-page.

upload web files

I up loaded some html5up files, a theme called multi-universe.  That included the index file, images and assets. 


asset files

In the asset folder contains further dependencies such as css, fonts, js and sass. 


The images folder contained 12 images I inserted which are boxing photos. 

versioning/ hosting

Once the files were uploaded into the bucket, I had to enable versioning and bucket hosting. The versioning allows multiple versions of a bucket to remain in the same bucket. The hosting enables a static web page to be published. 

web url

The url to this site is providing by AWS https://wanderema-fan-page.s3-website.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com  

403 Forbidden

I enetered the the address into the url and got 4xx response code. Access was denied. I had to allow permissions from the bucket. 

Andrew michaels

I had to apply a bucket policy by inserting this json script. This script allows public access to get requests to all contents (*) within the bucket. 

hosted static website

Once the bucket police was applied to allow get request, the web address was succesful. Now you can view a static website hosted on AWS s3 Bucket.

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