“AWS Storage Gateway”

Storage Gateway

accessing bucket from
on-prem to aws

on prem to aws access

Accessing the bucket from ec2 is straight forward when both devices are on site. Another scenario would be to access the bucket from on-prem. Meaning from a local site to an AWS site. This is done by implementing a Storage Gateway. The first thing is to create a storage gateway. 

create storage gateway

Gateway is now active and you can see the server  requires a considerable disk size to use for upload cache storage. I chose a m4xtra large instance with EBS Volume 150GB.


create file gateway

I have now created a file share, with the net file storage type a bucket content wanderema-fan-page


mount to gateway

From the mnt directory, I need to connect this directory to the storage gateway buy using command
#mnt -t nfs -o nolock,hard


df -h

Using the df -H command you can see the mount taking place with an avaible size of 9.3 Exabytes.

user profile

Making a directory in the user profile.

write file on prem

Now I decided to write a file to the mount to prove that files can share between on prem and aws sites. A new txt file has been created called “storage-gateway-note.txt”.

see file off prem

If you look on the AWS console you can see the same file hosted in the bucket listing.


file size 103

These are the properties of the txt. file. The size is 103MB

same file size 103

The file size of the txt on prem is also 103MB 

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